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The Plush Piggie

designed and created by Valerie's Zoo

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Welcome To The Plush Piggie


Plush Piggie cage liners are ultra soft and with the double absorbent layer, provides a soft walking surface for your pet. With these liners you can mix and match colors to decorate and create a fun cage!​



Plush Piggie Liners are designed by Valerie, a guinea pig/small animal rescuer  for nearly 20 years. Valerie is also one of the co-founders of the Southern California Guinea Pig Rescue.

​Plush Piggie Liners are reversible and come in 4 fun colors!  These liners have been made with the same high quality standards that Valerie's customers have come to expect from her items over the years.


Unlike other brands of cage liners, ours are reversible with a different color on each side. Our liners are made larger to allow for shrinking that happens in wash.

Plush Piggie cage liners have 2 layers of absorbing material quilted between the top and bottom layers of blizzard fleece.


These liners have been designed to go up edges of the cage to keep sides and corners cleaner.


Why use fleece liners over paper or wood based bedding?

Keeping your pets bedding dry and clean is vital to their health. 

Dirty, wet and non absorbent bedding can lead to health issues such as bumblefoot, upper respiratory illness and even urine scald. Plush Piggie liners stay drier and absorb more moisture than shavings or paper bedding. 


Using our fleece cage liners can help prevent these health issues. 

Although there is an upfront cost to buying new fleece liners, the longevity of fleece makes it much more less expensive in the long run versus purchasing shavings/bedding constantly. 

Cleaning your cage is a breeze with fleece liners. Simply roll up the fleece, shake out loose hay and debris, wash using our care instructions and thats about it!

Plush Piggie liners are designed by a guinea pig/small animal rescuer who has been using fleece for nearly 20 years.

"Over the years, I found that fleece keeps my piggies cleaner, drier, and is more cost effective in the long run. Additionally I find cleaning cages with fleece bedding is much easier than cages with wood shavings or paper bedding"




What piggie people are saying!
"Take a look at Boarders Boba and Milk Tea on their  Plush Piggie luxurious liner!  So soft and cozy!  Great at absorbing moisture and stays dry!  Best part, it’s reversible!  Kudos to Valerie for her wonderful product!"


Explore the Collection

Reversible Fleece Cage Liners!

Ultra Thick!  

With 2 Layers Of Absorbent Inner Lining!

Keeps Your PIggies Cleaner & Dryer Than Other Brands.

A Portion Of Proceeds Are Donated To Small Animal Rescues

Meet The Guinea Pigs

Meet some of the rescued guinea pigs who are our models and inspiration!


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Meg, Ca

"I got a sample to try and its fantastic! The moisture wicks down from the surface fast and thoroughly, and they're well made. Love the colors! Will be recommending to all my clients"

Marianne, Ca

"Great at absorbing moisture and stays dry! Best part, its reversible! Kudos to Valerie for her wonderful product"

Kat, Ca

Its my first time using fleece liners and I'm glad I chose these as my first! They're very soft and plush, easy to clean and also wash. They air dry pretty quickly in this summer heat. My piggies loved sleeping on them. A bonus that part of the purchase is donated to a piggy rescue. Love it! Highly recommend!
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