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This fleece liner is reversible and fits in a 2x4 C&C cage and is made larger by design.


This liner measures 33" X 61"

Fleece can shrink up to 2"-4" through its lifetime and I have designed these so that they can be washed in warm water, dried on medium and not end up too small for your cage!


Our fleece liners are reversible with two fun colors! This allows you to switch up your cage decor.




Our cage liners are made with two layers of soft fleece and two layers of cotton absorbent layer.


Our cage liners are made several inches larger to allow for the natural shrinking that happens during the wash.


Liner Care



Before using your new cage liner you will need to run it through a complete wash and drying cycle to prepare it for use.


This allows the fleece to wick the moisture through to the absorbent layer below.


Wash The cage liners in cool or warm water using a laundry detergent that is free of dies and perfumes. Tumble dry low to medium heat.

We also recommend adding in a 1/2 cup of white vinegar to your wash. 

Make sure your washing machine is set to heavy/or bedding cycle. 




What sets The Plush Piggie a part from other fleece cage liners?


  • Unlike other top selling brand of cage liners ,ours are reversible 
  • Made Larger to allow for shrinking that happens in wash. 
  • Also designed to go up the sides of the cage to keep sides and corners cleaner
  • Come in 4 fun colors 
  • Softer/more cushion than other brand 
  • Mix and match colors to decorate and create a fun cage
  • Affordable/ small initial investment can save you hundreds over the lifetime of your pet 
  • Designed by a rescuer/tested and used on hundreds of animals 
  • Keeps your animals dry and clean.
  • Keeping it them dry and clean helps them stay healthy and avoid things like bumblefoot, URIs and other health issues that can come from dirty bedding 
  • Attractive quilted design on top layer allows for easier sweeping up of hay and mess

"Miller" Reversible Fleece Liner For 2x4 C&C Cage In Sky and Lime

$65.00 Regular Price
$61.75Sale Price
Sales Tax Included

Hello May

  • The Plush Piggie is a small women owned business, operating out of Southern California. All products are designed, inspected and shipped by me directly to you. A portion of my proceeds are donated to small animal rescues.

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